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Dual Immersion

Program Description:


River Road/El Camino del Río Elementary is a comprehensive and inclusive dual immersion program. Dual immersion offers a unique opportunity for native English and Spanish speakers to work together to become bilingual and bi-literate and bicultural. 
All  1st through 5th students learn in a 50:50 environment. Our kinders spend 70% of their day learning Spanish.  In all grades we use simultaneous literacy instruction in both English and Spanish everyday. We strive for a 50/50 balance of instruction in Spanish and English each day in grades 1-5. We also work to balance classes with equal numbers of native Spanish and English speakers. 
Research tells us that students in dual immersion programs ultimately earn equal or higher test scores than their single-language counterparts. ELL students outperform their English-only peers on tasks that require problem solving, meta-cognition, or patterning. Students of all backgrounds learn to appreciate and understand differences in cultures and traditions.

Highlights of the program:

  • Instruction will be provided to students in both English and Spanish. (Roughly half of the day in each language.)
  • The program has a specific goal for an equal number of native Spanish and English speaking students enrolled in each classroom.
  • All teachers have received extensive training in second language acquisition techniques.
  • Individualized instruction and small group instruction will be provided to meet student needs.
  • All of the the staff in the program are bi-lingual
  • Bi-lingual Instructional Assistants are in the classroom 1/ the day, and assist in other grades to support literacy.
  • English language development classes and Spanish language development classes will be provided to all students.
  • P.E, music and art are taught by specialists in both English and Spanish.


  • Students in this K-5 program will learn to read, write, and speak in both English and Spanish.
  • Students will gain knowledge and appreciation of other cultures.
  • Students will have the opportunity to learn and grow in a caring and nurturing environment.
  • Students will gain the life long skills that they will need to be a successful part of a global society

Enrollment Procedures and Guidelines:
Students from the Howard, River Road and Whiteaker neighborhoods will be given enrollment priority and will be given transportation to the school. All other 4J students are encouraged to apply through the 4J lottery.